Flood Center: Here’s a look from the riverbanks as the water rises

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re seeing as we survey Horry County as extreme flooding engulfs surrounding areas:

Our river forecast story: Here is when and where forecasters say the Waccamaw, other rviers will crest


Looking to leave Horry County? Here are some routesuggestions to avoid flooding: Entering and exiting Horry County is a waiting game rightnow. Water is rising, causing road closures throughout the area. Read more here.

Conway kindergartener prays Florence floods will spareschool, as dad snaps photo: A kindergartener trying to stop imminent flooding with aprayer has captured the heart-wrenching aftermath of Hurricane Florence in theCarolinas. Read more here.

Here’s what it’s like in Conway as the Waccamaw River climbs: Rescuers patrol the Waccamaw River in Conway near Lee’s Landing and saved a family and their pets from the rising waters. Read more here. 


U.S. 501 Bypass closed; U.S. 501 Business down to 2 lanesthrough downtown Conway: Road conditions keep changing out there, and U.S. 501 Bypass closed Thursday night. Read more here.

Why some Horry County neighborhoods could be left in thedark as flood waters rise: As flood waters rise in Horry County, power companies couldstart cutting electricity to certain neighborhoods as a safety precaution. Read more here.

Floods, ruin and heartache. Some Horry County residents saythey’ve had enough: Days after Florence blew through, the WaccamawRiver is still rising in a slow-motion catastrophe that’s not expected toclimax until the middle of next week. The Waccamaw could crest three to fourfeet higher than Matthew’s record, threatening homes and road access to thecounty’s eastern side. Read more here.

Why a Bucksport teen can’t be without his service dog Chico,even as water rises: The Bowman family lives in a camper in the Bucksport Marina,which is threatened with flooding after Hurricane Florence. The famly now has to decide if her and her son should stay or go. Her sonis worried about leaving his dog, a registered service dog. Read more here.

Some Horry County hotels offer special rates as residentsevacuate; shelters also open: Hotels in Myrtle Beach are rallying together to helpresidents who leave their homes as floodwaters rise. Read more here.

Horry County crews have already saved hundreds of peoplefrom Florence’s floodwaters: Horry County first respondershave rescued hundreds of people from homes and vehicles in the aftermath ofHurricane Florence. Read more here.

How Horry County schools are preparing for floods: Armed with sandbags and tarps,schools in the Conway and Myrtle Beach areas are preparing for flooding in theaftermath of Hurricane Florence. Read more here.

How will an inflatable dam protect your drinking waterduring the coming floods?: Santee Cooper’s latest effort to ensure its stockpile of coalash in Conway stays out of the Waccamaw River involves 6,000 feet ofwater-inflated flood-control barriers. Read more here.


Trump visits SC to survey damage from Hurricane Florence: Marine One, the presidentialhelicopter, landed in Conway shortly before 2:30 p.m. Conway was one of theareas hardest hit by the storm in South Carolina, and the water levels of theWaccamaw River continue to rise. Read more here.

What’s happening with Horry County Schools for the rest ofthe week: The district released a statement Wednesday morning, outlining their plans for the rest of the week. Read more here.

Avoid the scams: Here is a local, legit group raising moneyto help flood victims: The county recommends doing research before donating and to be wary of high pressure tactics. Read more here.

‘Now it’s round two’: Red Cross prepares for impacts ofrecord-breaking flooding in SC: The American Red Cross is preparing to help locals stay safe as record-breaking flooding threatens thousands of Horry County roads. Read more here.

Flooding isn’t the only threat posed by the Waccamaw River.What’s in the water?: Horry County is waiting to see how high the Waccamaw River will rise by this time next week, but local residents should also consider what’s in the water. Read more here.

‘I live here too’ : High schoolers help Rosewood communityescape rising waters: Dozens of high school students, including the cheerleadingand varsity football teams, walked down Rosewood Drive to into the neighborhoodto help people pack and fill sandbags. Read more here.

‘I’ve done all I can do’: Family builds barricade to protect Horry County home: As the ankle-deep floodwaters run over the roads andwaist-deep water sits off the road, Hyman’s home is protected by a 6-foot-deepmoat and 8-foot-high dirt mound all around his house. Read more here.

This Marion County town is under water — again — as therivers rise: Two years after Hurricane Matthewsubmerged Nichols, the quiet Marion County town of 400 people is under wateragain. Read more here.

Her 12 cats were saved. Now she’s never returning to herflood-prone Conway home: She said she wasn’t aware how often the Waccamaw River flooded when she and her husband bought the house 14 years ago, but with Florence bringing a third flood — each worse than the last — in four years, she knows she can’t stay. Read more here.


President Trump could visit Carolinas in hurricane’s aftermath: Speculation is swirling that President Donald Trump may visit the storm-ravaged Carolinas this week. Read more here.

The Waccamaw River is still rising. In its path: 200,000 tons of coal ash: Santee Cooper officials are nervously monitoring the Waccamaw River as it continues to rise, days after Hurricane Florence, toward a large stockpile of coal ash near Conway. Their goal: keep the ash out of the coastal river. Read more here.

Flooding in Conway shows the need for I-73, SC congressman says: Asked about the concern in Conway regarding the plan to keep flood waters from closing U.S. 501, Rep. Tom Rice said he’s using the opportunity to push for funding for Interstate 73, a project he’s been passionate about since taking office. Read more here.

This is how to avoid ‘significant traffic delays’ in Conway: Conway officials are encouraging motorists to take a different route to sidestep “significant travel delays.” Read more here.


Dozens of Conway residents rescued as flood waters rise: First responders rescued dozens of Conway residents from rising waters Monday, a product of flash flooding after a downpour from Hurricane Florence. Read more here.

Riverside Horry County residents brace for record flooding from Florence: After more than 30 years living along the Waccamaw River, Ted and Connie Hucks know flooding is coming after the downpour brought by Hurricane Florence. They just prepare a little differently than everyone else. Read more here.

Here’s what convinced Conway City Council to get on board with county, state on 501: The City of Conway on Monday night rescinded an attempt to seek an injunction against the South Carolina Department of Transportation, Horry County and other state agencies regarding the man-made barriers being put in place to keep U.S. 501 Bypass open while extreme flooding affects the city, according to a Facebook post from city council member William Goldfinch IV. Read more here.

Flooding begins along Waccamaw as river forecast to break Matthew’s record: National Guard and Coast Guard helicopters patrolled the Waccamaw River on Monday, flying low and slow,looking for people stranded in their homes by rising waters. Read more here.

They were getting ready for their first child to arrive. Now floods stand in their way: The young couple moved their new baby supplies to the highest part of their Waccamaw Drive home on stilts, just off U.S. 501. Read more here.