Mugshots, July 18

See who spent time behind bars at J. Reuben Long and Georgetown County detention centers. These mugshots are provided by law enforcement agencies and are public information. If charges are expunged or dismissed, The Sun News will remove the photo for free. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Models show off lingerie, swimsuits during Chinese fashion show in Myrtle Beach

The Shenzhen Lingerie Fashion Show was held Tuesday at the Asher Theatre in the Waccamaw Center in Myrtle Beach. The show and models represent the Shenzhen Underwear Association (SUA), a non-profit marketing cooperative that represents more than 400 businesses in the lingerie, swimwear and undergarment industry in China that is opening the Shenzhen Underwear Overseas Exhibition Center at the Waccamaw Center.

Ken Richardson talks about winning the Horry County school board chair Republican primary

Voters select Republican nominee for Horry County school board chair. Ken Richardson won, beating out Pat Milley and Janice Morreale.