Some states raising fuel taxes for roads while SC waits

By the time South Carolina business leaders sent a letter in April to lawmakers urging them to do something about the state’s deteriorating roads and bridges, Georgia’s legislature already had passed a bill to raise about $900 million more for that state’s transportation needs.

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Some Americans refuse to give up on Confederate flag

Some motivated by pride in their ancestry or enthusiasm for Southern history

Others see it as a symbol of their right to challenge the federal government

Some teens see it as a rebellious statement against political correctness

The annual Tobacco Heritage Day is held at the L.W. Paul Living History Farm. Horry County Museum's 17-acre L.W. Paul Living History Farm depicts farm life in the county from 1900 to 1955. The working farm gives visitors a chance to see plowing mules, soap making, curing meat, blacksmithing and harvesting crops. The farm is located outside of Conway at the corner of S.C. 701 and Harris Short Cut Road. The next event at the farm is Fall Harvest and Syrup Day on Nov. 14. All farm events are free.