Game review: 'Whispering Willows,' lacks depth

Family can be many things to many people. It could be the driving force that makes us wake up every day at an insane time of the morning in order to better provide for others, while some may consider it a burden that stops them from achieving great things. In the case of "Whispering Willows," family means a little bit of both as players follow Elena Elkhorn on an adventure to find her father. The game itself has a long-winded story, offers uninspiring puzzles, and doesn't feel as dangerous as it should considering what's discovered.


Movie review: 'Spy' has laugh till it hurts humor

Melissa McCarthy truly shines and also busts guts in more ways than one in this laugh out loud action/comedy about an underwhelming desk job simpleton turned secret agent. Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is the partner of dashingly deadly field agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law). When complications arise in a case with a deadly arms dealer, Cooper goes undercover in a chance to save the world and her pride.


Low-income kids soar on summer trips abroad

Growing up in Englewood, 18-year-old Lawon Pace spent his free time playing video games inside his family's three-bedroom apartment because he knew it wasn't safe on the street. When he did go outside, he said, "I always walked with somebody," and he rarely strayed more than a block or two from home.

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