Movie review: 'The Good Dinosaur' will entrance kids and parents alike

Parents need to know that "The Good Dinosaur" - Pixar's lush animated prehistoric saga that successfully melds "Finding Nemo" and "E.T." - has stunning visuals, clever humor, strong messages, and some scenes of violence and peril that could certainly frighten younger/more sensitive viewers. (Spoiler alert!) Apatosaurus Arlo is separated from his family after a flash flood that claims his father (a series of events that could definitely upset kids); plus, carnivorous, sharp-toothed beasts attack Arlo and his human friend, Spot; thunderstorms bring massive explosions of deadly water; and the heroes barely survive a dangerous ride down a waterfall. And the settings all look very real. There's also a scene in which Arlo and Spot scarf down fermented berries, appear to get a little drunk, and then wake up "hung over."


Family Meals Matter: Soup warms family on frosty nights

There's nothing like a bowl of soup to warm the soul on a chilly winter night. The best part is soups are generally easy to prepare and combine ingredients from a number of different food groups. Consider planning double batches of some of these recipes so you can stock your freezer with easy to reheat meals for later.


Child Sense: Bad dreams and monsters

The latest unpleasant news, traveling or visitors for Thanksgiving can all contribute to your child's uneasiness and to a regression into night fears and bad dreams. By being gentle with your children during this phase and giving them age-appropriate tools to empower them to feel safe, you and your child will be able to move through this stage faster and, best of all, get back to a good night's sleep.

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