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If you are interested in Dexter, please call Coastal Animal Rescue and leave a message for an appointment to see him at 843-652-0196.


Animal Tales | All about Camille

This is our sweet Camille. She passed away on Feb. 19, 2015. I bought her in December 2005 at the Myrtle Beach Flea Market from a dog breeder. I went down that morning because the ad said “puppies and a 2-year-old Bischon.” When I got there Camille was sitting on a metal chair and she looked so much like April, the dog we lost in July of that year. I picked up Camille to see if she would take a liking to me and I sat there for about 45 minutes to an hour holding her, watching everyone come in and make over the puppies, and I thought the puppies would be bought and taken care of, I needed to take this poor little scrawny little thing home and love and nurture her. I truly believe that God and April sent me there that morning to rescue her.


Animal Tales | All about Pinky

My name is Pinky. My parents named me that because I have a pink nose, pink pads on my paws and my mother's favorite color is pink! I was adopted when I was just a very tiny 5-week-old feral kitten. I have never been outside since then because I am a house cat. My hobbies are sitting on my mother’s lap, chasing a cat nip-filled toy mouse, and napping in a sunny spot on the screened-in porch. Everyone says that my smile, big and round green eyes, and very white fur make me very cute. I do a lot of purring because I am happy to have a forever home.


Animal Tales | All About Orangie White

I was found in a shed on a property where my dad does computer work. I was the runt of a litter of three from a stray, outdoor mother. My dad took me and my other two siblings home. My parents were not planning on keeping us because they already had three cats and felt three more were too many. They called me Orangie and my sister Blackie, thinking they were not going to keep us so names didn’t matter. My mom and dad still tried to find us homes, but the bigger we got, the harder it was, so as days went by, mom and dad just decided to keep us.

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