Animal Tales | All about Zoe

This is Zoe. She is a 5-year-old Yorkie. She loves her beach house here in Myrtle Beach. Her favorite thing is running on the beach carrying her orange ball.


How much is too much to spend on a sick pet?

Recently I noticed that J.J., our 12-year-old, black-and-white-spotted mutt, was a little too big around the belly - not in a pregnant way, in a weird way. At the animal hospital, the veterinarian had the reassuring calm of a woman who had delivered a lot of bad news. She said we had to run some "simple tests," costing roughly $1,000.


Veterinarian's book offers help for neurotic pets

A dog who ate wine glasses, a parrot who plucked feathers and a cat who became anorexic after the other cat in his household died are just some of the real-life animals featured in a new book, "Pets on the Couch" (Simon and Schuster, $26), by Nicholas Dodman.


Animal Tales | All about Baby

Baby Cat was a rescue. No, not from the animal shelter, but from the woods. My husband and I were leaving our house situated on a dirt road along the Waccamaw River at dusk. We saw an SUV pulled off on the side of the dirt road and a young lady was running back to it waving her arms in the air. I thought she had stopped to use the bathroom. As my husband and I drove slowly by, she turned around and began walking back towards the woods. She had a small kitten clenched in her right hand and held it away from her as if it had leprosy. I then realized that the reason she was running to her car was that the kitten was running after her. As we drove on, I asked my husband if he was thinking what I was and he agreed that that was what it looked like. We ran an errand and headed back to our house. As we got close to the spot where we saw the vehicle pulled off the road, I asked my husband to stop. I got out and began walking in the knee deep grass and weeds and he retrieved his spot light from our truck. I began calling, “Kitty, Kitty.” A small grey tabby kitten walked up to my feet as if to say, “Here I am ma’am!” We took him home with us and fed him as he was starving. The next day, I had to bathe him twice to get rid of all of the fleas. I named him Baby Cat as he was so small, eight ounces per our veterinarian. On our third visit to the vet’s office, he asked where we had found Baby. We reminded him of rescuing him from the woods. He told us that Baby was a Bengal cat, which we had never heard of. We researched them on the internet to learn that Bengal kittens are very expensive.


National Dog Day gallery

Readers share photos of their pooch in observance of National Dog Day, which was Friday, Aug. 26 in 2016. Share your photos at


Animal Tales | All about Angelica

I have a Pug corgi mix her name is Angelica — big name for a small dog, but that was the name she came with when she was given to me. She is very spoiled. l did that, but I could not help myself. She likes her toys and her food.


Animal Tales | All about Chloe

This is Chloe my grand dog. When her Mom (our daughter) moved to Texas, she was so kind to leave Chloe behind to keep us company. Besides Chloe was already attached to her grandparents and we were to her as well. Chloe goes to work with Grandma everyday and travels to the post office and the bank. All the girls at the bank know Chloe & have treats waiting for her when she makes her daily visit. She is a very very loved and spoiled young lady and we would not have it any other way.


Alligator attacks retired police dog, dog bites back

A retired Palmetto, Florida police dog survived an alligator attack. Owner Chris Leister said he was taking down a basketball hoop when he heard a tussle by the water behind his home home. Arek emerged from bushes with a rip and tear on his paw. It turns out he was bitten by what neighbors have described as a 9-foot alligator. Trappers told Leister that Arek must have bitten the alligator back because one that big would not have let go easily.
Amaris Castillo Bradenton Herald
Alligator attacks retired police dog, dog bites back 1:23

Alligator attacks retired police dog, dog bites back

Fire department rescues kitten from fire 0:54

Fire department rescues kitten from fire

Chester Zoo's new penguin chicks get weighed 0:59

Chester Zoo's new penguin chicks get weighed

184-year-old tortoise finally gets a bath 2:44

184-year-old tortoise finally gets a bath