Celia Rivenbark

Celia Rivenbark


Obama needs to work on his Facebook savviness

It was nice to learn this week that Barack Obama, three quarters into his presidency, has finally gotten a Facebook page. Which means that, yes, your grandma Esther who lives in a singlewide at the end of the dirt road really is the last person in the world to sign up.

Celia Rivenbark

Pressure on Oprah to keep weight off

Last week, on the very same day I spent 30 minutes agonizing over whether or not I should spend $50 on some black suede wedges at T.J. Maxx, Oprah was buying 10 percent of the Weight Watchers brand. By the end of the day, the shoes were in my closet and Oprah had earned nearly $70 million in profits on her investment.

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