Three years ago two men were murdered in Myrtle Beach. Now two stand trial

A jury has been seated and will soon hear arguments on whether two men are guilty of a double murder in Myrtle Beach.

Calvin Ford and Aliga Campbell are set for trial this week in Horry County. Police charged both with two counts of murder in connection to a 2016 shooting.

On Monday, lawyers selected a jury of eight women and four men to hear the case. The sides also discussed a few minor issues before taking a break. Opening arguments are expected Tuesday.

The shooting happened on July 23, 2016, when Myrtle Beach firefighters said they heard gunshots and then someone banging on the Warren Street fire station doors.

Fire crews found Dameion Hakeem Alston, 26, and Marquis Jamal Burgess, 27, both critically wounded. The two were taken to the hospital, where they later died.

Campbell and Ford were both charged with murder and have waited more than three years for their trial. Both men sat quietly and engaged with their attorneys during the jury selection process.

The duo faces life in prison if convicted.

During a previous stand-your-ground hearing, Ford said he shot to protect himself. He detailed how he lived in fear after Burgess assaulted him five years earlier.

An argument started at a gathering and Ford said Alston stepped between an argument between Ford and Burgess. A tussle ensued and a gun fell from Alston. Ford said he picked up the gun and when Burgess pointed a gun at him, he fired.

“When I was still running, he was still standing and shooting at me,” Ford said of Burgess.

A judge rejected those stand-your-ground claims paving the way for this week’s trial.

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