See video of truck cleaning displayed as evidence at Sidney Moorer trial

Officials released the bombshell video showing Tammy and Sidney Moorer cleaning their truck days after Elvis went missing.

The 15th Judicial Circuit Office provided the footage on Friday. The never-before-seen video was played during Sidney Moorer’s recent kidnapping trial. The jury found him guilty in connection to Heather Elvis’ 2013 disappearance. A judge sentenced Sidney Moorer to 30 years in prison.

A jury convicted Tammy Moorer after an October 2018 trial and she too was sentenced to three decades in prison.

The gallery of Sidney Moorer’s trial could not see the televisions showing the video to the jury.

Another video appears to show Tammy Moorer and her sister looking through the yard. During witness questioning, prosecutors pushed with questions about if the two were looking for bugs planted by the police at the Moorer’s home.

The video came from surveillance cameras on the Moorers’ property five days after Elvis went missing. It shows Sidney and Tammy Moorer extensively cleaning the truck and throwing the rags on a burn pile.

The Moorers were convicted of kidnapping Elvis from Peachtree Landing on Dec. 18, 2013. Prosecutors say Tammy Moorer grew jealous over an affair between Sidney Moorer and Elvis.

Elvis’ cellphone was last tracked to the landing area around 3 a.m. The same time the Moorers’ truck, the one they are on video cleaning, was spotted on video in the same area.

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