’I can’t say we ever used it’: Why cops removed this post-shooting safety measure


A temporary Myrtle Beach police substation, which was put on the south end of the city for increased police presence, has been taken down, according to police spokesman Cpl. Thomas Vest.

The station, previously located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard, was put up in September 2017 when residents called for a heavier police presence on the south end of the beach after a rash of shootings broke out over Father’s Day weekend last year.

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The most notable was the Ocean Boulevard shooting that left several people injured and put Myrtle Beach in the national spotlight.

But the station did not work out like officials were hoping it would, Vest said.

“I can’t say we ever really used it,” Vest said. “The whole idea was to keep a strong police presence in the Ocean Boulevard area, which we’ve done.”

With a fully-staffed police department, Vest said downtown Myrtle Beach is inundated with officers, allowing police to be on the streets throughout the day and night.

Originally, the station was a place where officers could go complete paperwork and interview witnesses and victims, rather than driving back to the department on Oak Street.

Vest was not able to immediately provide an answer to how much the station cost.

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Now, officers can use the mobile command center, which makes it easier to spread police throughout the city, Vest said, rather than focusing on one specific area.

The center was used during the Carolina Country Music Festival. A Sky Watch Tower still sits at the intersection of 9th Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard near the former Pavilion site.

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