After shootings, Myrtle Beach PD want temporary station half a mile from headquarters

Myrtle Beach police plan to create a new office in a construction trailer on Ocean Boulevard, a little more than half a mile from the department’s Oak Street headquarters.

The office would be one of several moves by the city after a spate of shootings over Father’s Day weekend. The temporary station is slated for the corner of 8th Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard, four blocks from where one shooting sent six people to the hospital on June 18.

However, landowner Burroughs & Chapin Co. has not given final permission, so there is not a strict time line for when the trailer will be placed, City Manager John Pedersen said.

Burroughs & Chapin declined to comment through a spokesperson.

Several members of city council called for a substation downtown after the June shootings, saying a holding cell on Ocean Boulevard could free up street officers from transporting detainees to Myrtle Beach jail. A permanent substation had also long been a goal for the Downtown Redevelopment Corp., which has proposed putting the station at the bottom of a new parking deck.

But the new police trailer will not include a cell or holding space.

Councilman Phil Render said that a permanent substation had been his top spending priority and that the trailer is a “compromise.”

“It’s an abbreviated solution, but I think it’ll have impact,” Render said. “I’m not against the work station concept, particularly when time is an issue. We can do that pretty quickly.”

Pedersen said the city will be forced to look into a permanent substation over the long term, when Burroughs & Chapin eventually develops the Pavilion site.

“It’s not intended to be permanent by any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

Capt. Joey Crosby of Myrtle Beach police said the space will be valuable for officers to stop and write reports or talk to local business owners or witnesses to crimes.

“It allows us get victims out of the elements and conduct our investigation,” Crosby said.

Pedersen said the rented workspace will cost $1,495 for the first month due to installation costs and then $450 a month thereafter.

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Multiple people continue to fall to the ground shortly after the shooting on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach that sent several people to the hospital.