Evacuating? Here’s when you can return and what you’ll need to get back home

5 things to know when evacuating Myrtle Beach

An evacuation can be ordered when a hurricane is threatening the South Carolina coast. Here's what you need to know.
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An evacuation can be ordered when a hurricane is threatening the South Carolina coast. Here's what you need to know.

For people leaving the Grand Strand ahead of Hurricane Florence, you’ll have to wait until the governor ends the evacuation order to get back in. It’s impossible to know now when the governor would lift the evacuation order, it all depends on how severe the damage is to the area.

Horry County’s emergency management department has a three-phase plan to allow people back into the evacuation zones, starting with public safety personnel and officials, then relief workers, hospital staff and essential employees for businesses, and then finally residents.

Residents and property owners will need a valid government ID with their address. For property owners without a local ID, you will need a utility bill, property tax bill or other way to prove you own the property, along with identification to get back into the evacuation zones, according to the City of Myrtle Beach.

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Evacuation zone map S.C. Emergency Management Division

Business owners will need documents showing the address of their property and a current business license or company ID, along with government-issued identification. Essential employees will need ID and an essential employee authorization letter on company letterhead, including “a request for admittance, the employee’s name and be signed by the business owner/operator,” according to Horry County emergency management.

The county has three levels of access:

  • Level I: Public safety officials and others with “key roles in life safety and the restoration of critical services after a disaster.”

  • Level II: Relief and health care workers, business owners and essential staff, state-certified security guards, insurance adjusters and “any other person(s) authorized by the jurisdiction to provide services or reduce economic loss.”

  • Level III: Residents and employees who work in the evacuation zones.
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