Hot Pour | Nerd Bar’s barkeep loves Superman, Transformers, and touching butts


▪ Hannah Carter, 22


▪ Nerd Bar

Where are you from? Morganton, N.C. Nerd culture is not a thing there.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Nerd Bar? The people, I can nerd out and nobody judges me.

Are you more of a nerd or a geek? I’d probably say nerd because the term encompasses more. You say geek and you think science. Nerd can be anything, especially popular culture.

What parts of popular culture are you most nerdy about? Superheroes and Transformers.

So who’s your favorite superhero? Depends on what you mean by superhero because there are superheroes and super-humans. Super-humans don’t have super powers but still do heroic things like Batman and Iron Man. For superheroes, I’d go with Superman, and for super-humans, I’d go with Batman. It’s cliché, but I love them both. Although, Peter Quill, you know Starlord from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” is awesome, too.

Who’s your favorite Transformers? Iron Hide but they killed him in the movies. I screamed so loud when they did. After him, I’d say Bumblebee. I love him, too.

I noticed you play Dungeons and Dragons in here on Wednesdays. Do you ever play? No, I like to watch. I like to see everyone’s characters get sexual.

You guys also do stand-up comedy on Open Mic Saturdays, ever try that? Nooo, I’m not funny.

But I can see from your outfit that you like to cosplay. (She’s dressed as Agent Carter from “Captain America.”) Who are your favorite characters to cosplay? You’re going to laugh, but I dress up as Disney’s Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and of course Agent Carter. I also have a Bumblebee helmet that I’m getting a bodysuit for to wear at X Con next year.

If you could only choose between the superpowers of flight or invisibility, which one would you choose and why? Invisibility, so I would touch people’s butts.

Would you tell them you touched their butts? Oh, they’d know it was me. I grab the butts of everyone I know. They all know I’m a butt toucher.

By Derrick Bracey, For The Surge


▪ Dragon Milk (Bourbon Barrel Stout)

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Where | Nerd Bar, 807 Main St., Myrtle Beach

Hours | 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. – Wednesday through Saturday

Info | 843-839-4820

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