Hot Pour | Croc Rocks barkeep hopes to be a history teacher soon ... with a ring on it

Mallory Russell tends bar at Crocodile Rocks. Photo by Mandy Rogers, for The Surge.
Mallory Russell tends bar at Crocodile Rocks. Photo by Mandy Rogers, for The Surge.


▪ Mallory Russell, 25


▪ Crocodile Rocks

What’s the best thing about being a bartender? The fact that I get paid to have a great time every night.

What’s the best thing about being a college student? Deferred principal payments.

Are you excited for graduation or dreading getting into the real world? Very excited to graduate. The real world is intimidating but it has to be better than sitting in a classroom every day!

Where do you see yourself in five years? Teaching history to high school students, and hopefully my boyfriend will have put a ring on it by then!

Does he read The Weekly Surge? He sure does!

So then you dropped the hint. ... How long before you think he takes action? Haha. ...We will see. I’m sure all in due time!

What do you think about men who pop the question in a public place, like at a baseball game or something, and get denied? Do you feel bad for them? Or is it their fault for not knowing the answer beforehand? I’ve seen that before and I always have to say I feel so sad for the guy! I always wish she would say yes just to save the embarrassment!

Did you ever sleep during one of your history classes? I’m sure I have! Math was the class that could put me to sleep.

Do you think you will put your students to sleep when you are a teacher? I hope not... But probably will with my luck.

How will you wake up a student who is sleeping? When I was in school a teacher let me sleep through to the next class so when I woke up I felt pretty lost.. I’ll probably try the same approach.

What’s the best way for you to stay awake during your college courses? Coffee!! My Keurig is my best friend!

And what gets you through working late nights at a bar? The music at the bar, and a blue energy drink or two!

By Mandy Rogers, For The Surge


▪ Liquid Buddha

(Malibu, Captain Morgan, Midori, Bacardi, Blue Curauco, and Pineapple juice over ice)

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