Letters to the Editor

Letter | It’s time to turn back to God - and oppose same-sex marriage in America

Turn back to God, oppose same-sex marriage

Re: April 13 letter to the editor by Patricia Kennedy, “Democrats are not a disgrace to God and country.”

Kennedy wrote about Bible untruths. You printed my letter with Bible quotes, which clearly stated same-sex marriage is a sin, is not OK, is not normal and is not moral. Now, another letter writer says if Sue loves Joe and Tom loves Joe, it should be OK for either one to marry Joe, otherwise isn't that discrimination?

So here we go again, opening more doors, going against God's word. If same-sex marriage is accepted, the next step maybe the pedophiles, or how about the rapists? They may also say they can't help it, they were born that way. If denied, they might say that’s discrimination and they have their rights.

No wonder America is on a down slide regarding peace, happiness, joy and unconditional love.

Come on, readers of The Sun News. Let's join the churches, community prayer events and “Christians to march for Jesus” that are being advertised in The Sun News. Let's all shout: “We want America back!”

Bob Bethel

Little River