Letters to the Editor

The intolerant left shows its face again

Re “Trump fans are not very tolerant” letter by Michael Clodfelter.

Well, if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black. Mr. Clodfelter embarrasses the progressive left, with the left's tired mantra of comparing President Trump with Adolf Hitler even though the president has said over and over again that he wants to only deport criminal illegal aliens.

Mr. Clodfelter, I hope you would make your home a sanctuary residence for a member of the Mexican drug cartel since you are so tolerant. By the way, the only Americans who were rounded up and put into internment camps since the Civil War were Japanese Americans during WWII. And, what a surprise, the president at that time was a Democrat, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Furthermore, I would argue that the divisiveness you describe happened well before Donald J. Trump was even running for president, when our beloved 44th president sent in the Justice Department to investigate almost every police shooting and sought to prosecute cops but ignored it when police officers were executed.

He also boasted of his accomplishment of a health care insurance bill that is currently floundering because of skyrocketing premiums and pullouts by major insurance companies, which was not for the good of all Americans, but a few. It’s a divisive mess that was left to Republicans to fix.

Finally, when you speak of tolerance, it goes both ways. I see no tolerance by the Democrats in Congress, just bad-mouthing the duly elected president and vowing not to support any of his legislation.

The intolerance in your letter glares as bright as the morning sun and, like so many Democrats who were surprised and cried when Trump won the election, you resort to name calling and accusations that prove nothing but certainly stoke the fires of intolerance. You didn't see Republicans riot in the streets, scream obscenities and exhibit intolerant behavior that was intolerant in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected.

The Miriam Webster dictionary defines tolerance as, “capacity to endure pain or hardship.” Republicans have had eight long years of quiet tolerance. I read your blind eye letter.

Tolerate, Mr. Clodfelter. Tolerate.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.