Letters to the Editor

North Myrtle Beach residents do not casually trash canals

I would like to respond to the comment Pat Dowling, North Myrtle Beach spokesman spoke of in concerning the dredging of canals.

It is hard to believe that Mr. Dowling would actually think canal residents would “find it convenient to just throw stuff in the canals.”

As we all remember, the hurricane in October was much worse than expected, with 3 feet or more of ocean water rushing down the canal streets. The canals flooded as well, so many houses had their normal garbage cans, fishing poles, lumber, flower pots, rocking chairs and other household items under their homes. When the police came by each home highly recommending we all to leave the island immediately, little time was left to try to relocate all the household items we store under our homes.

All residents on the Cherry Grove canals should be offended Mr. Dowling feels we don’t respect living on the canals, as we will be paying for the privilege for the next 10 years.

As I’m sure Mr. Dowling is not aware, the permanent residents on the canals are continuously cleaning up from tourists who come in for the week or weekend for their vacation, leaving trash and other litter on our streets and in the canals.

We are constantly picking up behind them to keep our streets and canals clean. No, Mr. Dowling, we “do not find it convenient” to throw stuff in the canals.

Sue Neely, North Myrtle Beach