Letters to the Editor

Trump has been an excellent president, despite what sore loser liberals say

Re “Trump fans are not very tolerant” letter by Michael Clodfelter.

I don't recall any Republican rioting when Barack Obama was elected president. Obama took the distinction away from Jimmy Carter as the worst president ever, though, Mr. Clodfelter, I'm sure you'd like to have him back. But President Donald Trump did more in his first five weeks than any president in recent history.

America was a divided country long before Trump became president; he's doing his best to unite us. Democrats are doing everything in their power to fight him tooth and nail for everything.

The previous leaders of country's like Germany and France would be turning over in their graves if they knew what the liberals have done to their countries. President Trump doesn't want that to happen here.

Mr. Clodfelter is indeed a very sore loser. Get over it. Give the man a chance, stop complaining and do something positive to help Trump unite our great country. Oh, by the way, how do you like the way the stock market has preformed since he took office?

Al Freedman, Conway