Stephen Colbert calls NC BBQ lovers ‘poor flavor-deprived bastards’

Tuesday night, Late Show anchor and South Carolina native Stephen Colbert celebrated Casey Hathaway, the 3-year-old boy who was lost for several cold nights in North Carolina and said he made friends with a bear. But, with a story about eastern North Carolina, Colbert just had to bring up barbecue.

Little boy found in North Carolina, that is such happy news. But in a tragic twist, he will have to spend his life eating North Carolina barbecue,” he said in the Meanwhile segment.

“I welcome your vinegar-stained letters you poor flavor-deprived bastards,” Colbert added.

You can find contact information for The Late Show on the CBS website, or get him on Twitter or Facebook — vinegar stains optional.

Colbert’s North Carolina barbecue bashing goes back years.

Texas Monthly, which has its own bone to pick with Colbert’s taste (or lack thereof) in barbecue, said the comedian has called eastern North Carolina barbecue a “deadly toxin.”

Eater Magazine cited another episode when Colbert interviewed longtime North Carolina Congressman G.K. Butterfield. The host likened eastern North Carolina barbecue to “shredded cardboard soaked in vinegar.”

Casey Hathaway went missing near his grandmother’s home for two days, but was found after hundreds of volunteers helped search.

“He said he hung out with a bear for two days,” Casey’s aunt, Breanna Hathaway, said after the boy was found safe. “God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is (a) good God. Miracles do happen.”

Quoting from the Charlotte Observer story, Colbert said, “When asked what he did all that time, the 3-year-old said he ‘hung out with a bear for two days.’”

“Incredible,” Colbert continued, “a snack-sized human arrives in this bear’s woods and it doesn’t even eat him.”

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