Former Myrtle Beach strip club employee who sexually abused kids asks for a new trial

A woman convicted of sexually abusing children at a Myrtle Beach strip club is asking for a new trial.

Lindsey Honeycutt filed a post-conviction rights request this week in Horry County court. The request is where a defendant asks a judge to review their case, often because of perceived issues with a lawyer.

Earlier this year, an Horry County judge sentenced Honeycutt to 15 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to crimes related to sexual abuse of two 4-year-olds. The children said the incidents happened at a Myrtle Beach strip club where Honeycutt worked.

Panteleimon Spirakis was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in the incident. He has also previously filed a post-conviction rights request. Ambrose Heavener was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role in the child abuse.

A third man was also charged in the incident, but those counts were dismissed.

Honeycutt wrote by hand her post-conviction request and noted that her lawyer “railroaded” her. She stated she wanted to take the case to trial, but the lawyer didn’t do it.

The lawyer also did not call witnesses on her behalf, Honeycutt states, which led her to plead guilty in the case.

Honeycutt also alleged she was promised mental health court and no jail time in exchange for her testimony against the other defendants by the solicitor, according to the filing. At a sentencing hearing, a judge noted that Honeycutt helped prosecutors, but still sentenced her to 15 years behind bars.

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