A puppy was pushed into a Myrtle Beach hotel pool and now two face charges, police say.

People in a pool area of an oceanfront hotel had to rescue a puppy after it was kicked into the pool, according to a police report.

Myrtle Beach police charged Dillon Edward Lark, 23, with ill-treatment of animals and public intoxication in connection to the incident. Kelsey S. White, 20, was also charged with possession of alcohol.

On Saturday, Myrtle Beach police officers patrolling Ocean Boulevard were flagged down by Ocean Enclave by Hilton Grand Vacations staff. Employees told police that Lark and White came into the pool area with a puppy, according to the report.

There, Lark “kicked” the puppy into the pool, according to the report. The dog could not swim and struggled to get out of the pool.

Police said if it weren’t for other people in the area, the dog would have died.

Officers found Lark at 1201 N. Ocean Blvd. and he admitted to pushing the dog into the pool and being drunk, according to the report.

White was at the same location and had an open beer can and was detained.

Police found the dog with Lark’s brother in a parking lot for the Atlantica hotel. The dog didn’t appear to be in distress, but when officers touched its lower abdomen it showed signs of discomfort, according to the report.

The brother told police that he learned days earlier that the dog had a cracked rib from a previous incident, according to the report.

Authorities seized the dog, which went to the Grand Strand Humane Society for treatment.

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