A bad trip? Myrtle Beach area cops respond to separate road rage incidents involving guns

Police are investigating two separate road rage cases this week where suspects allegedly pulled guns.

Myrtle Beach police responded to 21st Avenue North and Greens Boulevard around 11:30 p.m. Monday for an incident involving a gun. The victim said they were pulling out of a parking lot near the Coastal Grand Mall and the suspect was closely following their car, according to a police report.

The suspect — Drake Jenerette, 21 — then pulled alongside and waved a gun, according to the report. The victim said they followed from a distance until police arrived.

Officers spoke to Jenerette at the police station and she said she showed the gun through the window, but did not point it at the victim, according to the report. Jenerette described the incident as road rage and said she “wished she had acted smarter.”

Horry County police also had a reported road rage incident around 2 p.m. Monday on U.S. Highway 501.

Near where lanes merged a vehicle with the suspects pulled alongside and pointed a handgun, according to an incident report.

The victim pulled over near a Circle K and the suspects stopped as well, according to the report. The victim locked his doors, but the passenger door did not lock. One suspect opened the door and threw the victim’s laptop at him. The other suspect was pounding on the driver’s door.

Nobody has been arrested in connection to that incident.

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