Teen suffered seizure after slip during an Horry County arrest, lawsuit says

A handcuffed teen suffered a seizure after slipping on a dog bowl and now he is suing Horry County police over his arrest.

Keane Bellamy filed a suit this week against Horry County police and officer Chadwick Page.

In 2017, Bellamy’s family called Horry police’s non-emergency line after a teenage couple refused to leave their home, according to the filing.

Page entered the home and went to find the couple in a spare bedroom. He started to pound on the door when Bellamy came out of another bedroom, according to the lawsuit.

Bellamy and Page exchanged words and Page followed the teen to a third bedroom, the filing states. Bellamy’s parents told the officer that Bellamy was their son and not the reason for the report. Page also called for backup for an “unruly teen.”

Page eventually cuffed Bellamy, the suit states. As the officer walked Bellamy out of the house, Bellamy stepped on a dog bowl and slipped. Page said the teen assaulted him, according to the officer.

Bellamy then suffered a seizure and was taken to the hospital for treatment, according to the filing.

Bellamy is suing for excessive force, false arrest and other claims. The suit says Page handcuffed Bellamy in a way that caused both to struggle, leading to the injuries. The filing asks for an unspecified amount of money.

Horry County spokeswoman Kelly Moore said it’s policy not to comment on pending litigation.

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