Little River murder victim identified by Horry County Coroner

A home on Sanford Road in the Little River area was the site of a shooting on June 11.
A home on Sanford Road in the Little River area was the site of a shooting on June 11.

A 56-year-old — described by friends as a good guy who helped others in his community — was gunned down in a Tuesday morning shooting in Little River.

Daniel Gore was shot at a Sanford Road residence and died at the scene, according to Horry County Chief Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard.

The shooting happened around 1:30 a.m. at a home off S.C. 57. Police Spokeswoman Mikayla Moskov confirmed a murder investigation near Sanford Road, but did not offer any further details. According to police radio traffic, a caller reported one person was shot at the residence.

Nonna Grant lives next door to where the shooting happened and said her grandson heard shots and woke her up to see all the police cars on their road.

Gore — known as “Pookie” — was a “good guy” who helped Sanford Road residents, friends said.

“He would do you a favor if you asked,” Grant said.

About a month ago, Gore painted the trim on Grant’s house, she said. Grant also talked about how Gore drove her to the hospital before she got her own car.

Dion Wilson owned the property where the shooting happened and described Gore as an “original OG.” Many of the residents on Sanford Road have lived in their homes for decades, he said.

“He’s a neighborhood guy,” Wilson said of Gore. “He was always willing to help you.”

Gore completed various jobs in the neighborhood and took care of his elderly mother, Wilson said.

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