Judge decides on bond for man accused of killing a pregnant woman in Myrtle Beach

A man accused of shooting and killing a pregnant woman in Myrtle Beach will remain behind bars as a judge again rejected his request for bond.

Jordan Pyatt was in Horry County court on Monday, and he continues to await trail for murder in connection to the shooting in September 2017. Co-defendant Ajay Alston, a local rap artist, got into an argument with another man at a Carver Street apartment on Spivey Avenue, Assistant Solicitor Jazmon Kearse said. She said Alston admitted to shooting at, and pistol whipping, another person.

Pyatt is accused of leaving home and shooting at a car in which Jadasia Monique Myers, 22, was a passenger. She was pregnant and shot in the neck, Kearse said. Her baby girl, who was to be named Harmony, was delivered but died shortly after.

The shooting led to anger and calls to end gun violence from neighbors in the Booker T. Washington neighborhood of Myrtle Beach.

Myers’ grandmother Sherry White spoke during Monday’s hearing and asked for bond to be denied. She added that Myers’ other 6-year-old daughter lost her mother and will never meet her sister.

Defense Attorney Kia Wilson noted it has been difficult to prepare for trial and if Pyatt was free on bond, he could assist in that process. Several members of Pyatt’s family packed a row in the court’s gallery in support.

The state has made a plea offer in the case, though the terms were not disclosed.

“He does have an offer and he is considering it strongly,” Wilson said.

Judge William Seals rejected Pyatt’s request for bail, but did note the case has been outstanding for nearly two years. Kearse said the trial is set for December.

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