What we know about the accused in the Spivey Ave. murder

Bond set in obstruction of justice trial involving murder of pregnant woman

City of Myrtle Beach Municipal Judge Glenn V. Ohanesian set bond Wednesday in the obstruction of justice trial for Wallace Grant, Jr.
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City of Myrtle Beach Municipal Judge Glenn V. Ohanesian set bond Wednesday in the obstruction of justice trial for Wallace Grant, Jr.

Jordan Pyatt, the man accused of firing the shots that killed a young pregnant woman on Sunday, knew Ajay Alston, the woman’s boyfriend and the father of the baby.

Police said the shootout that ultimately resulted in Jadasia Myers’ death was initiated by Alston. Her baby, a girl that would have been named Harmony, also died.

Multiple people in the neighborhood said that Pyatt and Alston were not feuding. A year ago, Pyatt told The Sun News that he rapped with Alston in a music group.

Yet, arrest warrants for Pyatt allege he “fired multiple rounds towards a group of people indiscriminately and the victim … was struck by the defendant’s gunfire.”

It’s unclear how Pyatt reportedly became embroiled in a dispute that prosecutors and police say was chiefly between Alston and another man, Ali Khalil Spivey. Myrtle Beach Police have declined to identify the motive in the fight.

But the investigation has so far netted arrests of Pyatt, Alston, Spivey and another man, Wallace Grant Jr. Many of the men are familiar with the criminal justice system. They also knew each other, and frequented the area where the shooting happened.


‘The loss that we took’

Roughly a year ago, The Sun News reported on a fence that was put around Futrell Park as the city tried to curb gang activity. Pyatt said at the time that he and his friends were not associated with a gang and that they rapped together in a group called Beach Boyz Entertainment.

Pyatt said he had rapped with “Ace” — a shortened version of “Ace Xartel,” Alston’s musician name.

Many of Alston’s music videos on YouTube are filmed in and around the Carver Apartments, a complex next to Futrell Park where gunshots rang out Sunday night.

Last November, Pyatt stood in front of the sign for the Carver Apartments as he told The Sun News about a different gun incident — the death of 18-year-old Atu Williams II on Oct. 12. Williams died in an accidental shooting on Mr. Joe White Avenue, just on the other side of the park where Myers died.

“Everybody done came together and talked about this and seen the loss that we took,” Pyatt said of the incident.

“He’s 18, like, that’s young. That’s young.”

Pyatt, 21, is now charged with murder, death or bodily injury to a child in utero, two attempted murder charges, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and unlawful weapon possession.

He is being held on a $10,000 bond for each weapons charge and is awaiting a hearing with a circuit court for bond on the more serious charges.

The Sun News could not find past charges against Pyatt for violent crimes. He pleaded guilty and received a five-year suspended sentence this year for cocaine trafficking, and pleaded guilty for marijuana possession in 2016.


‘They killed my girl’

Alston’s rap career as Ace Xartel has left YouTube littered with music videos and a few interviews. In one from March, he walks around the street that Myers died on and he describes Myrtle Beach as a small town where “everyone’s related.”

“My whole hood is my family. That’s how it is around here. I’ve got aunts on every corner,” he said.

Grant also appears in many of the videos, and goes by the name “Beachboy Wooh.” He has been charged with one count of obstruction of justice.

Family members of Alston declined to speak with The Sun News on Wednesday. However, his mother, Tewanna Denney, said at a bond hearing earlier in the day that he and Myers loved each other deeply.

“She loved that boy. Any time he was here for court, any reason, me and Dasia was here together,” Denney said.

Alston has posted on his Facebook page multiple times since Sunday.

“They killed my girl and my unborn baby I'll never get over this n---- took my last breath,” he wrote on Monday.

But Corey Myers, Jadasia Myer’s uncle, had strong words for Alston in a bond hearing Wednesday.

“My niece was by far no saint in this whole situation, but she was murdered. And her child. And this coward left her to die, man,” he said.

Alston has been charged with attempted murder, high and aggravated assault, and some weapons and two traffic-related charges.

Alston had several past run-ins with the law, according to a SLED background check. His criminal background shows a litany of drug arrests and charges that were later dropped by prosecutors.

Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest. In 2014, he was convicted of strong arm robbery. In 2013, he was convicted of driving a vehicle on the beach, receiving just three days in jail.


Grant, 26, was clearly involved in Alston’s music career, but few details have emerged about his specific connection to the crime. He has been charged with one count of obstruction of justice in connection with Sunday’s killing.

The Horry County Public Index lists one previous charge under “Wallace Ralph Shelton Grant Jr.,” a 2015 count of cocaine distribution. The charge was not prosecuted.

Spivey has been identified as the victim of an alleged assault by Alston, but police have not yet charged him an any crime connected to the fray.

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