Victim identified, one person charged with murder after Conway area shooting

Taylor Ryan Strode appears for a bond hearing on May 23. He faces a murder charge in connection to a shooting on Greenleaf Drive.
Taylor Ryan Strode appears for a bond hearing on May 23. He faces a murder charge in connection to a shooting on Greenleaf Drive.

Several shots disrupted a peaceful Wednesday in a quiet, Horry County neighborhood. The day ended with one dead and another charged with murder.

Horry police responded to Greenleaf Drive around 5:20 p.m. for the reported shooting. Inside the home was Charles Lawrence, 57, dead from gunshot wounds. The suspect, Taylor Ryan Strode, was outside with a gun and didn’t immediately surrender to police.

Charles Harris lives next door and heard three “pops.” Before he knew it, police were in his backyard. Harris ran to wake his brother Scott Henderschedt, who was in a bit of a daze. He knew they had to get out of the house.

“I was stunned,” Henderschedt said.

But, with the standoff outside their front door and their backdoor in the potential line-of-fire, the two were left puzzled on an escape plan. The two brothers stayed on their property for the standoff’s duration.

SWAT and police negotiators arrived and talked to Strode, 26. Around 7:15 p.m, the situation was resolved with Strode detained. He was charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Chief Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard said Lawrence died after being shot several times.

Henderschedt said Lawrence was their neighbor’s boyfriend and Strode was her son.

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The two brothers said “everybody knew everybody” in their quiet neighborhood off Highway 544. Lawrence — who they knew as “Chuck” — did yard work and other maintenance for his girlfriend.

“He was always around if you needed help,” Henderschedt said. “Sometimes he would just take care of it for you.”

There were also times in which Lawrence would smell the brother’s cooking dinner and stop by for a bite to eat or for a beer, the two said.

“It’s a shame,” Harris said of the killing.

Strode was booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center on Wednesday evening and formally charged on Thursday.

A bond judge told him only a circuit court judge can set bail on potential death penalty cases. As a result, Strode will remain in jail until he can go to a circuit court hearing. Strode said he understood why there was no bail.

Strode has a limited criminal history in Horry County, according to court records. In 2010, he pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced under the state’s youthful offenders act.

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