Police say they’ve found a baby they believe the NMB mother threw in the trash this month

Daniel’s law provides safe havens for unwanted babies

Under Daniel's law, children 60 days old or younger may be left at safe havens, which are hospitals, fire stations, houses of worship and police stations.
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Under Daniel's law, children 60 days old or younger may be left at safe havens, which are hospitals, fire stations, houses of worship and police stations.

One of the babies allegedly thrown in the trash by a North Myrtle Beach woman was found this week at the mother’s home, police said.

The baby, which was a boy, was taken to The Medical University of South Carolina for an autopsy, according to a North Myrtle Beach police report.

Alyssa Dayvault is accused of killing two babies in the last 13 months. She was arrested Tuesday, and the police department released reports and search warrants Thursday as part of its investigation into the alleged homicides.

Grand Strand Regional Medical Hospital staff contacted police earlier this month about Dayvault, according to the reports. Employees said Dayvault came to the hospital Dec. 5 complaining of bleeding. Doctors performed surgery the next day and removed a placenta and umbilical cord that was consistent with a full-term pregnancy.

When staff asked about the child, Dayvault denied being pregnant, according to the reports. She said she only had two children who are 6 and 8 years old.

She left the hospital before police arrived to question her.

Officers visited Dayvault’s Oak Drive residence on Dec. 7. An officer saw a TV was on and a large dog started to bark when he knocked on the door. But, nobody answered. He tried the other doors and got no response. When the officer returned to the first door, the TV was turned off.

On Tuesday, police spoke to Dayvault at her residence, where police say she admitted to giving birth to a boy and disposing of the body.

Police arrested Dayvault and questioned her again at the police department. She told investigators that overnight on Dec. 2 or Dec. 3, she gave birth to a boy at the Oak Drive home, police say.

Dayvault said the boy took breaths after being born, according to the report. She didn’t take any action to preserve the child’s life, the report states.

Dayvault disposed of the child’s body in a “waste receptacle” outside of the home, police say.

While investigating the suspected homicide, police also learned of an almost identical alleged incident in November 2017.

According to the police reports, Dayvault went to the North Strand ER in early November 2017 for an illness. Hospital staff found she was in her third trimester of pregnancy and the fetus had a healthy heart tone.

Dayvault told police that after that visit and before Thanksgiving she gave birth to a girl at her then-home in the Cherry Grove Common Apartments on David Street. Dayvault did not take steps to preserve the girl’s life, the reports state.

The child was then left in a waste container in the apartment complex, the reports state.

North Myrtle Beach Police charged Dayvault with two counts of homicide by child abuse and two counts of disposing or destroying a body. She faces life in prison if convicted. She is being held in J. Reuben Long Detention Center without bond.

Pat Dowling, public information officer with NMB, told The Sun News no one else faces charges “at this time.”

Officials have warrants for Dayvault’s medical records and also received her permission to search her residence for items related to the crimes.

A man who answered the door at the Oak Drive residence Wednesday night told a Sun News reporter to leave the property or he would send out his dog. Dayvault’s mother declined comment and asked for privacy when contacted by phone.

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