Students arrested after mob attack on classmate in high school hallway

Six teens face charges in connection to the assault of a 15-year-old at Carvers Bay High School earlier this week.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrests on Friday. Five were charged as juveniles and Breonna Holmes, 17, of Hemingway, was charged as an adult. Each arrestee is a Carvers Bay High School student and faces charges of assault and assault and battery by mob third-degree.

Police say the attack happened on Monday at the Hemingway-area school.

Witnesses said that at lunch the six suspects tried to find the victim because of something she said, according to a police report. The students found the victim in a hallway and confronted her as other students gathered.

An argument escalated into a fight with all six suspects assaulting the victim, the police report states. The victim got up and yelled at the suspects as school staff separated the students.

The victim had scratches to her face and was evaluated by a school nurse.

Friday’s arrests come on the heels of six other teens facing charges in Georgetown for an alleged assault on a dirt road in the Andrews area.

Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office is working to identify possible high school students involved in assaulting a person on a dirt road near Andrews Tuesday after a Facebook video of the fight was shared.

Georgetown Public Schools released a statement after the arrest:

“On Monday, October 29, 2018 six students allegedly assaulted another student in the hallway at Carvers Bay High School. The SRO and school administration were immediately notified and an investigation was conducted. School administration and district staff have worked closely with law enforcement, as this behavior is totally unacceptable in any situation. The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office has filed charges against all six students. Per school district policy, students involved in these types of incidents are removed from school and recommended for expulsion.”

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