A 20-year-old died in a ditch along U.S. 17. Now his parents are suing a local bar

Remedies Sports Pub and Pizzeria on Monday. June, 11, 2018.
Remedies Sports Pub and Pizzeria on Monday. June, 11, 2018.

The parents of a 20-year-old man who was found dead in a ditch outside of a Myrtle Beach-area bar are suing the bar for serving their underage son, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Robin and Michael Doran, the parents of Daniel Doran who drowned in a ditch near Remedies Bar and Grill on March 14, allege that their son was “freely served” alcohol and bar staff did not check his ID.

The suit goes on to say the 20-year-old left the bar while under the influence, wandered from the parking lot, walked south down U.S. 17 and fell into a roadside ditch where he died from asphyxiation due to drowning.

Remedies, the lawsuit said, was “negligent, reckless, willful and wanton” in several ways, including allowing underage people to drink alcohol on its property and failing to have reasonable safety measures like checking IDs.

Doran’s parents also allege Remedies has video cameras and tapes that could show what happened that night, but are only available to the bar and could have been destroyed or lost.

Doran, a former Socastee High School football player, was found dead about 11 p.m. near 4955 U.S. 17 Bypass S.

The lawsuit notes Doran’s parents went to the business and looked for their son after he didn’t come home. They found him in a ditch, immediately jumped in and got stuck because of water and mud and had to be pulled out by rescue officials, the suit states.

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The lawsuits lists the defendant as “Remedies Bar Grill Nightlife LLC.” Remedies owner Jason Klocker, who purchased the bar in June, said he does not own the company named in the suit.

“That had nothing to do with me as I was not the owner,” Klocker told The Sun News on Thursday.

The Dorans are being represented by Gene Connell Jr. of Kelaher, Connell and Connor P.C. in Surfside Beach.

In a separate incident, a man was shot outside of Remedies on April 28. He suffered bullet wounds to his back, stomach and hand.

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