A Sunday night melee left a pregnant woman dead and three men in jail

It’s unclear who started the fight Sunday night. But what we do know is that a pregnant woman is dead, her boyfriend is in jail facing one count of attempted murder, and another man is charged with her murder and killing her unborn child.

Jadasia Myers, 22, was shot in the neck during the melee at the Carver Street Apartments on Spivey Avenue in Myrtle Beach, according to police. She was five months pregnant at the time and the baby girl, who would have been named Harmony, died, according to the coroner’s office.

More details leading up to the moment that killed the pregnant Myrtle Beach woman were unveiled Wednesday morning during the bond hearings of two men accused of separate roles in the shooting.

Jordan Pyatt, 21, is facing several charges, including murder, child death in utero, two attempted murder charges and weapons charges.

Ajay Alston, 22, faces one charge of attempted murder, high and aggravated assault, weapons charges and two traffic-related charges.

Wallace Grant Jr., 26, is charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the case. He appeared in bond court on that charge Wednesday afternoon.

“I just had to tell her 6-year-old daughter that she’ll never talk to her mother again,” said Myers’ uncle, as emotion choked his voice. “She told me I was lying. I broke down, and I told her I would never leave her side.”

Alston was Myers’ boyfriend, according to his attorney, Jonny McCoy.

“So when you was a gangsta that day, be a gangsta today, and pay for it,” Myers’ uncle told the court.

Sunday night

Myers was with Alston when the two were in a crowd Sunday night at the Carver Street Apartments on Spivey Avenue in Myrtle Beach’s Booker T. Washington neighborhood.

The second victim was identified during the hearing as “Khalil Spivey.”

“There is an individual, a male, and he apparently got in an altercation with my client,” McCoy said, referring to Spivey. “That guy had a gun, that’s been undisputed, and my client had a gun. Those two guys got into a fight.”

Alston and Spivey allegedly exchanged gunfire during the incident before Spivey’s gun jammed, according to attorneys in court.

Alston then chased Spivey, and as Alston fired his gun, he tackled Spivey to the ground and beat him with the butt of his weapon, arrest warrants allege.

“After that, [Alston] turns with Dasia, and starts running towards their car. Dasia is with him at this point. While they were running to the car, shots rang out and that’s where your murder comes from,” said McCoy, using Jadasia Myers’ nickname.

Authorities say Pyatt, 21, opened fire, grazing Alston’s head with a bullet, and striking Myers in the neck, ultimately killing her and her unborn daughter, according to court testimony.

“Dasia died from the gunshots of another person, a murderer who had no involvement in the altercation at all. But [Alston] was also shot,” McCoy said.

During the incident, Alston crashed a 2017 Toyota Camry into a light pole and school bus stop shelter, severely damaging both before he fled the scene on foot, arrest warrants state.

“My niece was by far no saint in this whole situation, but she was murdered, and her child, and this coward left her to die, man, and all I’m saying is she done paid her … consequences to this whole situation. It’s their turn,” Myers’ uncle said.


Alston’s mother, Tewana Denney, addressed the court Wednesday morning, and said she respected everyone’s feelings, but also pointed out her son loved Myers and was hurting deeply, too.

“My son loved her. He’s been crying every day,” she said. “That was the love of his life and that was his child. I make no excuses for what happened, and I respect how they feel … but we have all lost.”

Denney urged everyone to put differences aside and come together as she said Myers would have wanted.

“We are only trying to be there for one another as we should be,” Denney said. “Daisa would want us to be. She loved that boy. … She loved him, and the love should not be dismissed regardless of how we feeling right now, it was true, and we should be able to come together and be there for one another, and hurt together, and heal together.”

McCoy asked Municipal Judge Glenn V. Ohanesian to set bond for Alston.

“I respectfully request a reasonable bond so that he can get out and mourn his child,” McCoy said. “He already had clothes picked out, they picked out the name Harmony together. He loved his family and their bond. And it was not any trigger he pulled that killed Dasia or the baby. He was trying to flee and save her.”

Lauree Richardson, representing the State, said Alston was a danger to the community and should not have his bonds set.

“I do realize that these are charges, that typically would receive a bond; however, the State of South Carolina does believe that Mr. Alston is an extreme danger to this community,” Richardson said. “He pulled into a neighborhood that was filled with children riding bicycles, children playing on a playground, and he started an altercation. He had no business being there.”

Ohanesian denied bond on Alston’s attempted murder charge and set a $50,000 bond for the aggravated assault charge. Each weapons charge was set at $10,000 and the two traffic charges were set at $1,083.

“The consequences of the altercation, the escalation with the guns, all put me in what I believe is an untenable position,” Ohanesian said. “I probably haven’t heard a more compelling argument by the defense council in a bond hearing than I heard this morning, but at the same time I’ve got a duty to the public and community.”

Ohanesian told Pyatt a circuit court judge would set the bond for his murder charge and the child death in utero charge.

He was denied bonds on the two attempted murder charges he faces, and was granted bond on the two weapons charges, which was set at a total of $20,000.

“The circumstances of what occurred leads me to believe, coupled with some of the things that the solicitor’s office and law enforcement presented, that there is a substantial danger to the community,” Ohanesian added.

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