Why the placement of your North Myrtle Beach parking decal could soon affect your wallet

North Myrtle Beach officials are planning to fine you if you don’t use your parking decals correctly.

Residents with city parking decals who improperly place them on their vehicles, golf carts or motorcycles could soon face a $25 fine. Officials said decal placement on vehicles has become problematic for parking enforcement personnel due to inconsistent placement and failure to use the provided adhesive.

With the city currently unable to issue citations for either violation, North Myrtle Beach City Council on Monday approved the first reading of an ordinance that would amend its parking laws to encourage residents to be more aware.

“People were placing their stickers just anywhere on the window, so the people who are enforcing the ordinance, they’re out there searching for them,” Mayor Marilyn Hatley said. “We just decided it was best to make some changes and give some rules to follow.”

According to the ordinance, decals for all personal vehicles should be placed on the inside, bottom part of the driver’s-side windshield, with golf cart decals to be placed on the outside bottom section of the driver’s-side windshield. Motorcycle decals will need to be placed on the outside, bottom left corner of the windshield.

Vehicles without a windshield can display their decal next to their state registration sticker, officials said.

Those who fail to adhere to the city’s ordinance will be fined $25. If the fine isn’t paid within 30 days, it’ll increase to $75. In addition, the vehicle may be subject to impoundment or immobilization.

“We’ll educate everyone on where to put their stickers and the people who are implementing the ordinance will be able to go right to it,” Hatley said. “It’ll be easier for the people to know exactly where to place the stickers.”

The change comes after the city implemented a series of new programs earlier this year to make parking more effective during the busy tourist seasons.

Along with a nearly half-million dollar project that modified 12 beach access parking lots between 6th Avenue North and 18th Avenue North to create 200 parking spaces, the city launched a paid-parking program that ran June through October.

Parking now carries a $2 per hour fee that applies to those without a city decal in public parking lots on either side of Ocean Boulevard from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Lots currently have an attendant from Lanier Parking who enforces parking rules and provides assistance to those in need.

The city also enforced a residential permit system allowing residents whose golf carts, vehicles or motorcycles are registered to their city address to park for free in all paid-parking lots but limiting the number of vehicles used at a time to one per household. Two free parking decals are provided per household to those who sign up.

Next year, the paid-parking program will run from March 1 to Oct. 31.

City officials are scheduled to vote on the ordinance’s second reading during their Nov. 4 meeting.

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