One. More. Day. Heat will continue to bake Myrtle Beach early this week, then relief.

Relief is on the way — though it’s going to take one more day.

A week of temperatures in the 90s has cooked the Grand Strand, sending people to the beach or the nearest air conditioner for relief. It looks to continue on Monday as National Weather Service forecaster Steven Pfaff said temps should reach about 92 degrees with a heat index around 105 degrees.

The Myrtle Beach area had weeks in 2017 and 2015 with similar high temps, so experiences like the past week are not unheard of, Pfaff said.

A temperature break is on the way, and for some it might seem so cold that blankets will need to come out of storage. A cold front will move through the area on Tuesday, bringing cooler temperatures of 89 degrees on Tuesday and a high of 82 on Wednesday. It’s not all good news with that front though.

“The rain chance goes up significantly,” Pfaff said.

There is a 70 percent chance of rain on Tuesday and 50 percent the next day, Pfaff said.

By the weekend, temperatures should stay in the 80s and the rain should depart, leaving the chance of a pleasant few days, Pfaff said.

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