Was a Myrtle Beach police officer at fault in a wreck? Here’s what investigators say

A police officer failed to yield, leading to a three-car wreck on U.S. Highway 17 and Mr. Joe White Avenue Saturday evening.

South Carolina Highway Patrol Matt Southern said the officer was driving a cruiser on Mr. Joe White Avenue on his way to a nearby fire. The officer came to the intersection with Highway 17 Bypass and a Nissan pickup truck was traveling south.

The cruiser hit the pickup truck and then struck a Range Rover that was stopped at the intersection.

Southern said the wreck remains under investigation.

The officer was responding to a fire call on Mr. Joe White Avenue. Officials from the Ripken Experience said it lost business records, equipment and personal memorabilia in the blaze.

Myrtle Beach Cpl. Thomas Vest said the officer went to the hospital and had returned home by Monday. The officer had his lights and sirens activated, Vest said.

State code allows emergency vehicles to disregard some rules, but police vehicles can only go past a stop sign or signal after slowing down. Officers also must drive with regard to everybody’s safety, according to code.

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