’Higher than normal’ water main breaks concern Myrtle Beach officials

Water main break in Myrtle Beach

Water main break along Joe Mill Trail and Jeremy Loop in Myrtle Beach.
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Water main break along Joe Mill Trail and Jeremy Loop in Myrtle Beach.

With several water mains erupting last weekend at Pine Lakes Country Club in Myrtle Beach resulting in nearly $20,000 worth of repairs, Mayor Brenda Bethune said she wants to find the root of the problem.

While repairs to the eight water lines in the Pine Lakes Community were made Monday afternoon, it’s just one of many incidents the city has faced in recent months. With over 400 miles of water lines throughout Myrtle Beach, Bethune said the city plans to work with Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority to investigate the cause of the breaks and leaks that have occurred citywide.

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Several water main breaks were reported around 11 p.m. Sunday night at Pine Lakes Country Club. Photo Courtesy of City of Myrtle Beach

“For a city our size to have one or two breaks is normal, however, this is higher than normal,” Bethune said at Tuesday’s city council meeting. “These recent breaks are occurring in both new and existing lines, so it’s not due to the aging infrastructure.”

Currently, officials are speculating higher-than-normal water pressures may have caused some or all of the breaks and leaks. Bethune added the breaks or leaks have only been tap water, stressing there is nothing toxic or dangerous in the water lines.

While a partnership has yet to be formed with Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority, Bethune said she’s confident they can work together to evaluate and address the issue.

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