Here’s when S.C. 31 will finally connect with the South Strand

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The top 5 most dangerous intersections in Horry County in 2018.

The Carolina Bays Parkway Extension is expected to be completed next month.

Horry County spokesperson Kelly Moore said the Ride II road project is expected to be completed in March. The project will take S.C. 31 further south, connecting S.C. 544 with S.C. 707 near Moss Creek Road.

If completed on schedule, the road should be open to traffic soon in April.

This particular project has seen many delays and potentially could see more. As with any construction project in Horry County, this date could be pushed back depending on weather. Just a few months ago the expected completion date was Dec. 1, 2018. The county’s website classifies the project as “behind schedule.”

The plan for the S.C. 31 extension was designed in May 2013 in Ride II. The project included the construction of a new six-lane highway and a new bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway.

Its original completion date was set for June 1, 2017. The project was delayed without the county’s approval. According to a county spokesperson, Horry County has been charging contractors since August 2017.

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