Here’s the latest after a blogger sued Myrtle Beach for defamation


A blogger who sued Myrtle Beach officials alleging defamation has dropped his lawsuit.

David Hucks filed the paperwork last month to dismiss a lawsuit that started in August. The filing does not say why he dropped the lawsuit. The dismissal also happened before the city leaders responded to the allegations.

Hucks operates the site MyrtleBeachSC.com and routinely posts on Facebook. He sued restaurant owner Larry Bond, William Trotter, whose job and civil activities are unclear, Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune, former city communications consultant Gordon Hirsch and the City of Myrtle Beach over the alleged comments.

The lawsuit stated Hirsch made defamatory remarks towards Hucks including: Hucks will only endorse political candidates who pay for advertising, Hucks is unethical and untruthful and Hucks seeks money so that he will not write negative articles.

Hirsch made the comments while serving as a consultant and was acting under the direction of Bethune and the city, according to the suit.

The filing also alleges Bethune said Hucks practices “fake journalism” and “there is nothing reputable about [Hucks’] kind of journalism.”

Trotter allegedly said Hucks is “the lowest type of Humanoid possible,” “disgusting pig” and is a “psychotic lunatic,” according to the suit.

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