Will snakes be in the flooded waterways after Hurricane Florence?

Snakes are not the biggest threat during Hurricane Florence, but they will be out there.

Thad Bowman with Alligator Adventure said that the flooding following Florence will stem from snake habitats along waterways. This could potentially dislocate them into the flood waters.

He said people should not be out during the storm, but if you are bit by a snake, get to a hospital as soon as possible. While many area hospitals are closed ahead of the storm, Conway Medical Center is still open.

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There is little you can do on your own to survive a snake bit, so getting to a hospital is important.

A snake bite is an emergency worth calling 911 during a storm. If you’re not dying or in an emergency, Horry County is asking that you do not call 911.

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Horry County is home to many dangerous snakes, most commonly the cottonmouth and the copperhead snake. These bites are treatable by medical professionals, and people bit should seek help as soon as possibly.

“They inject venom, which causes tissue destruction, platelet loss, causes bleeding, it can cause death,” Gerald O’Malley with Grand Strand Hospital said back in July.

An easy way to avoid snakes? Stay indoors until it is deemed safe by public safety officials.

Bowman said Alligator Adventure is planning for the worst when it comes to keeping their animals safe.

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