‘Gator vs. dog’: A showdown at Barefoot Landing left onlookers stunned

Talk about a close call. An alligator snapped at a dog on a bridge that connects the two sides of Barefoot Landing around 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

Tee Dalton was walking along the path and captured the scene on a Snapchat video. While she is not the owner of the dog, she said that she broke her shoe when she and others ran away from the alligator after it snapped.

“The security guards were really stunned,” she said. “They said they never saw anything like it.”

She captioned the video “gator vs. dog.” People on her Snapchat were shocked at the footage, she said.

Alligators are more active during the summer months as they search for food in areas near freshwater. The University of Georgia’s ecology department recommends if you see an alligator, to leave it alone and keep your distance.

They especially encourage people to not harass the gator or try to feed it. Feeding an alligator can make it more aggressive, according to DNR’s website.

Barefoot Landing did not immediately respond for comment.

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