RipTydz: Ocean Boulevard neighbors invading privacy with surveillance camera

Riptydz has answered a lawsuit by neighboring hotel, the Holiday Pavilion, over alleged noise violations from the Myrtle Beach grill. 
Aug. 6, 2018.
Riptydz has answered a lawsuit by neighboring hotel, the Holiday Pavilion, over alleged noise violations from the Myrtle Beach grill. Aug. 6, 2018. jlee@thesunnews.com

RipTydz says a nearby condominium complex invades customers’ privacy with surveillance equipment that overlooks the grill’s top floor.

The newest claim by RipTydz — an open-air restaurant and bar along Myrtle Beach’s most popular tourist stretch— are the latest accusations in an ongoing lawsuit that began over alleged noise violations.

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Holiday Pavilion sued its neighbor, RipTydz, earlier this year claiming the restaurant constantly violates Myrtle Beach noise ordinances. Holiday Pavilion officials say they tried to address the problems with RipTydz to no avail. Both establishments are oceanfront on the 1200 block of Ocean Boulevard.

Holiday Pavilion is former hotel now used as condominiums.

The original lawsuit states RipTydz plays music until 2 a.m. and has 10 or more speakers on the oceanfront facade and four more that face Ocean Boulevard. The pavilion argued that guests lodged numerous complaints about the noise. The noise prevents pavilion owners and visitors from enjoying the resort.

Holiday Pavilion also contends that RipTydz’s is 13 inches from its building and offers no side walls to mute sound.

RipTydz’s owner Steve Ghidella denied the allegations when the suit was filed and again last week when the restaurant submitted its answer to the lawsuit.

According to Myrtle Beach spokesman Mark Kruea, police were called to RipTydz 17 times for loud noise or music in the last year. Police have not issued noise ordinance violations.

Since the initial lawsuit was filed in early July, Ghidella said police have visited RipTydz and found no violations.

As part of its filing, RipTydz listed several claims against Holiday Pavilion. One was that during RipTydz’s construction, Holiday Pavilion sent a letter to the construction firm. That company then stopped work and RipTydz had to find another contractor. That caused a delay getting the restaurant and bar opened.

Another RipTydz claim is that the Holiday Pavilion installed a surveillance camera on its building trained on the third floor of the restaurant and bar. RipTydz asked for the camera to be removed, but it was not. The grill says the camera violates privacy rights of employees and patrons.

RipTydz also contends the camera encroaches on its property. Ghidella said because the property butt against each other, the 360 camera on the Holiday Pavilion actually overhangs on RipTydz property. He added some customers have complained about it.

The camera was installed in mid-May after Holiday Pavilion first complained of noise, Ghidella said.

Lawyers for Holiday Pavilion could not be reached for this report.