A dog's tale: the day Cooper met a shark at a Garden City Beach

When a shark washed up on a Garden City Beach Saturday afternoon, Cooper went into watchdog mode.

Cooper, a dog from Garden City, was on a walk with his owner when they noticed a boy with a shark on his fishing hook. Marlene Hern, Cooper's owner, went to help the boy reel in his unexpected catch when the dog ran up to the shark.

Cooper, according to his owner, is enjoys chasing fish in the water. This time, however, Hern was worried about him getting near the shark.

Cooper the dog with a Shark caught by a tourist. Photo courtesy of Marlene Hern.

"I was yelling at my husband 'get Cooper,'" Hern said. "I was trying to help the boy and my dog."

The boy, who was surprised to catch the shark, was on vacation with his family from Monroe, NC.

Hern said the shark was about four-feet long.

The shark attracted onlookers curious to see the creature up close. As the shark flopped around on the surf, Cooper barked at him.

Cooper was unharmed by the shark.

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