Boy pulled grate off before getting leg stuck in Avista Resort pool, manager says

The manager from the Avista Resort said the 12-year-old boy who was stuck underwater in a pool for over 9 minutes last month removed the suction line's grate with his friend's help.

Jim Eggen, Avista Resort's general manager, said the boy's leg was caught in the grate after the child and a companion of his dislodged the line's grate.

Eggen provided the following statement to The Sun News:

"With the grates in place, our lazy river is safe for all of our guests. Evidence confirms that the boy and his companion dislodged the grate before he caught his foot in the intake. On behalf of the Avista Resort we want to thank all of the people involved in the boy’s rescue. We are thrilled to hear that he is doing well and wish him the best for his future. Out of respect for the privacy of the family, we are not releasing any video footage to the media. We have been contacted by an attorney representing his family and cannot comment further at this time."

The incident happened March 19 around 9:45 p.m. Surveillance video from the resort shows bystanders trying to pull the boy from the grate before police arrival.

Once officers arrived on scene, they were able to pull the boy from the grate and immediately began CPR on him.

The release said they did CPR until a slight pulse was detected. The boy was then was transferred to Grand Strand Medical Center.

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