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Hoskins Restaurant still has that same old mom and pop aura

Hoskins Restaurant
Hoskins Restaurant For The Sun News

Mom and Pop places seem to always have a reputation for being unassuming restaurants with terrific food inside. Hoskins Restaurant on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach may have grown large enough to not quite be considered a mom and pop shop anymore but it still retains that fantastic authenticity with great food to match.

Hoskins got its start in 1948 and has since remained in the same location under the same family. Today, locals line outside the door to gain entrance into this long-standing favorite to enjoy one of the restaurant’s daily lunch specials.

Even though the line leading into the restaurant looks daunting to first-timers, the Hoskins staff knows how to keep a steadily moving flow so waiting doesn’t take long at all. Inside, the restaurant is surprisingly roomy and not crowded despite the large crowd it entertains during the lunch rush.

The servers do their best to be speedy and friendly, so there is a constant bustle around the tables. This and the happy laughter of regulars catching up with their servers should make conversation difficult, but the sound wasn’t tremendously in the way, or even obnoxious.

Hoskins is known for its seafood, and with good reason. The fried seafood platter was filled with perfectly fresh flounder, shrimp, and oyster. The scallops by themselves were mouth-wateringly perfect. Their amazing seafood hasn’t kept them from excelling at other dishes however, like their amazing breakfasts and barbeque.

Complimentary biscuits and hushpuppies make an appearance too, and are tempting to fill up on. The sides were also fantastic and worth eating all on their own. Guests can choose a visit to the salad bar or enjoy some delicious sweet potato fries or baked potato. Sides and vegetables change with the daily special as well, so on different days customers can partake in mouthwatering sides like pear salad and broccoli casserole.

Hoskins then goes on to homemade desserts, although after filling up on its great food, finding room may be a challenge. Just like the restaurant’s specials, cream pies change regularly, which means one day can have coconut and peanut butter available, the next lemon and pineapples.

To top off an already enjoyable experience, Hoskins is impressively affordable. With such great service and amazing food with daily specials, all for a superb bargain, the weekly return of regulars is not a surprise in the least.

In an area with a restaurant scene constantly trying to update itself, Hoskins reminds guests how nice it can be to enjoy some southern comfort and homemade food, while supporting a local business steeped in history.

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