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We have a Kwik-E-Mart: What The Simpsons got right about Horry County

Simpsons in 4D at Broadway at the Beach
Simpsons in 4D at Broadway at the Beach

While traveling for Thanksgiving, do you find yourself missing Horry County? More specifically, missing the Kwik-E-Mart in Broadway at the Beach?

Well, The Sun News is here for you with clips of when the Simpson mirrored life in The Independent Republic of Horry. And before you ask, yes, typically the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a super slow news day.


Any one living in Carolina Forest knows that black bears can be found in backyards, on roads or just frolicking around elementary schools. Springfield had the same problem, but the citizens took the news a little harder.

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Tax increase angst

It takes money to run a school, but that money has to come from someone. Last month the Horry County Board of Education talked about a tax increase for infrastructure projects.

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Voting issues

While long lines were reported in Horry County, voting machines had calibration issues elsewhere in the state. Thankfully, South Carolinians handled it a little better than Homer.

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North Myrtle Beach

Horry County has a lot of retirees living here. Nothing wrong with it, and it’s wonderful that people chose the area as their second home after retiring.

Not being supplied

So you ignored all the warnings and now you’re stuck in your basement during the storm. Hopefully Horry County residents were more prepared and decided to evacuate to safer areas.

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U.S. 501, parking lot

The news only tells you when there is traffic, we have no control over it being there. But we’ve all been stuck on 501, wondering what could possibly be causing this much traffic. Fun fact: The Sun News does not own a helicopter.

Reading The Sun News

Today’s headline: “Local newspaper staff appreciates its readers and wishes them a happy Thanksgiving.” Okay, that isn’t as fun as a Springfield Shopper, but it’s true.