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Would you get a ‘mystery’ tattoo? 8 people in Myrtle Beach did

When it comes to getting a tattoo, most people spend time picking a design out, ensuring it’s something they’re OK with having on their bodies for the rest of their lives.

But for eight people in Myrtle Beach Wednesday, that wasn’t the case — they received free “mystery” tattoos as part of a promotion held by Elite Ink Tattoos and radio station 96.1 WKZQ.

“We wanted to see how crazy our listeners were, and apparently they’re pretty crazy,” said Ron “Crash” Kissell, program director for WKZQ. “We had over 200 entries.”

Once the winners filled out their paperwork, one by one they went up to a gumball machine, twisting the knob until their mystery tattoo design popped out.

“If you’re a risk-taker and like to gamble, it’s definitely a fun thing to come in to get something permanent on your body that you have no clue what it could be,” said Michael McDonald, Elite Ink Tattoos’ studio manager.

McDonald said the tattoo designs are a variety of styles, but nothing explicit.

“It’s going to be everything,” he added. “Traditional tattoos, to geometric designs, to landscape pieces, infinity symbols, feathers, the styles vary.”

All of the tattoos were designed by Elite’s tattoo artists and are around the size of the palm of your hand. Even though the winners did not get to pick out their own designs, they did get to choose where the tattoo would be placed.

Myka Olsen, one of the winners picked, said she was excited about receiving her mystery tattoo, which will be her fourth one.

“I think it’s pretty cool, just the whole culture of tattoos in general, and the idea that you’re willing to get one even though you don’t know what it is,” she said “I love tattoos.”

Olsen ended up receiving an alien abduction scene design, which was tattooed on her leg.

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