Beauty Inside & Out | Tips for applying makeup from blush to mascara

When applying make-up, always start with a clean primed face (don’t forget to prime around the mouth area). A light powdering of the eyelashes, while applying powder to the entire face and décolleté, will thicken the lashes when the mascara is on. Clumps not allowed.

Always use a good eyelash curler. The most expensive you can afford. There is really a difference. Like applying fingernail polish, mascara should be applied light and slow. Two coats should do it. After that, it’s harder to control clumping. Brushing the lashes after the coats of mascara is a good idea and can actually lengthen the lashes further.

Remember, the eyebrows are sisters and not twins. They do not need to be exactly alike. Brush the eyebrows and treat individually yet fill in lightly any glaring differences. Heavy brows are in style … don’t over-tweeze. Easier for you!

Blush the apples of the cheeks with a light pink. Peach and dark bronzes just look too heavy for summer. A bit of highlighter along the bridge of nose slimming the nose and a touch of highlight in the dip above lips is a sensual touch.

A tiny dot of highlighter on your eye’s tear duct creates an ethereal look, and of course, white pencil applied to inner rim can make one look more awake and eyes bigger and brighter. If face is too round for your taste, apply just a light contouring under cheekbone in a dark (not too dark) shade, before blush and before powder.

The lip plumping lipsticks and glosses really do plump up the lips. If you have lip wrinkles, keep the color on the light side. Matte makeup looks best in summer and pink lipsticks look cool and fresh. To keep teeth white, brush with baking soda mixed with a tiny bit of toothpaste, after flossing.

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