Beauty Inside & Out | Warm weather beauty tips and tricks

Primer is a must. Never forget to put on primer prior to foundation. DHC Velvet Coat is the best I’ve used.

Foundation for hot weather in powder form is best as it soaks up excess oils.

Fight frizz with coconut oil! 2 tbsp. coconut oil mixed with 2 tbsp. avocado oil in spray bottle. Mist dry damaged hair.

When temps rise, skip daily foundation and give skin a rest. Use a BB or CC cream. BB is a light texture blemish balm and CC is a tinted BB.

Switch to liquid lipsticks. Moisturize! Save the stains for nighttime.

Stick with waterproof makeup. No need to say more.

Use Matte foundation, eyeshadows and powder. No extra shine needed!

Use a paste of baking soda and water to remove self-tanner mistakes.

Oldie but goodie… After shampooing, always rinse hair with cold water to close that hair cuticle for less frizz and more shine.

When polishing your fingernails, remember “thin and light”. Go slow, apply polish lightly. Lightly.

Dry shampoo is a revelation. Use it at night, however, and wake up with hair that is ready to style.

If you are going for curls, waves or tousled hair (currently on trend), use a wet hair spray to help with the frizz. A dry hair spray is more likely to cause hair to be more unmanageable. Aussie Sprunch Spray is the best.

The key to looking beautiful in warm weather is less is more.

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