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Letter | Israel acts in its own self interest; so should America

With Muslims outnumbering Jews by 1.5 billion to 14 million, it is hard to understand how Israel will prevail so long as the dispute with its neighbors is grounded in religious terms. If oil continues to diminish as an economic concern for Western nations, they will eventually turn their backs on that area of the world and leave the locals to sort out their age-old differences.

Letters to the Editor

Letter |

Comments on news reports about racial issues illustrates community’s bias. Reporting on these racial issues is not ‘race baiting;’ it is good reporting.

Letters to the Editor

Op-ed | What happens after the airguns hit the water

Regarding Grand Strand elected official’s “wait and see” approach to offshore fossil fuel development: Despite Councilman Mark Lazarus’ opinion that scientific evidence of seismic survey harm to fish is “just science,” there is a preponderance of evidence that seismic surveys compromise marine mammal and invertebrate survival success as well.

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