Golf Tips

Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding:


Don’t spill the water

A great way to practice your grip is to pick things up with the heel pad and last three fingers of your left hand. You will see that this is why I think most golfers have poor grips. We don’t usually pick thing up with our heel pad and last three fingers. We use our thumb and forefinger. While reading this, pick up that pencil, keys, coffee mug or cell phone. What did you use? You used your thumb and forefinger. Heck, we are the only animals on the planet that have apposing thumbs. We can do a great many task with that thumb and forefinger. Gripping a golf club with them is not one of the Use a bottle of water in your right hand by it cap. Place your heel pad and last three fingers of your left hand around the bottle. Now, don’t use your thumb or forefinger. To hold the bottle, you would need to “cup” your left wrist inward, allowing you to wrap your heel pad and last three fingers around it. Now hold the bottle in your right hand at the base as if you were pouring the water out of the bottle. Try to take your grip again with your left hand as described. It’s almost impossible to do. That is why you always want to take your grip with the club held vertically in the air in front of you. It just makes it easier to take a proper grip with the left hand.

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