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Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding: Curve in the thumb important to achieving proper grip


Curly thumbs

There are so many elements to a good grip. I think this one is definitely worth talking about. Your thumbs need to curve upward in a good grip. This will keep your thumbs from applying pressure down on the club. This is important as the wrists need to hinge up and down. Pressure out to your thumbs pushing down on the club promotes your wrist to bend left and right. This causes the club to move too much to the inside on the takeaway, which leads to an over-the-top move in the down swing. This robs you of power and solid contact with the ball. To feel these curved thumbs, simply lay the bottom part of your thumb on a table. The joint just above your fingernail will be bent inward and you should see wrinkles in that area. Hold this position for 15 seconds and repeat 3 times. At first this will be a little uncomfortable for some people but with practice it will do wonders for your ability to apply the proper pressure with your hands.

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