Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (June 23)

Short game

Getting back your “touch” when it comes to your short game is sometimes a challenge. Now is a good time to make some much-needed improvements in you short game. In putting, you need to make a commitment that your putter needs to swing on an arc. Golf is a side-on game and, as such, even the putter would swing inside on the backswing with the face opening and back to square at impact and the inside with the face closing on the through swing. I like my students to exaggerate the arcing motion as it makes the progress more effective. You can set up a station like the one in the photo. In the backswing, you want to hit the tee with the face open relative to the target. On the through swing, you want to hit the tee with the face closed relative the target.

BRAD REDDING is owner and director of instruction of Brad Redding Golf at International Club of Myrtle Beach and is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. He can be reached at 655-4720 or